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Baling Hay on Riverscritters Ranch (C) Riverscritters Ranch LLC


Making Hay is just one of our favorite activities.  
Rivers Critters Ranch

About Rivers Critters Ranch

In 1997 we made a dramatic move from the city to the country. Armed with nothing but a love of animals, naivete, and the ability to read. We are certainly proof that God favors the foolish and that through Him all things are possible. Our goal was to set out on a simpler life, smell the roses, and give our daughter a chance to flourish in the country air. Little did we know that in addition to our dogs and cats we would bring more dogs and cats, sheep, goats, chickens, peafowl, Mediterranean donkeys, and a mini horse into our lives and that they would change us forever.

Now we grow wholesome, nutritious foods based on organic sustainable agriculture.  We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no routine antibiotics, no growth hormones and no preservatives.  Our animals are given good pasture, fresh air, pure water and certified organic feed.  They live in harmony with each other, our family and the land.


You can learn more about our adventures at www.hobbyfarmdreams.com our site that focuses on specific advice for the hobby farmer.


We believe that all things are possible with Christ Jesus.  Visit our ministry (www.rcrministries.com) site for on-line bible studies and inspiration.