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Free Range Broiler Chickens 6 Weeks Old, (c) Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC

Six Week Old Free Range Chickens enjoying pasture

Raising Free Range Chickens

Are you thinking about raising free range organic chickens?  From start to finish it takes about eight weeks to grow free range chickens on organic feed and good pasture.

 Free Range Broiler Chicks Arrive  Baby Chicks Arrive - When the baby chicks arrive, they are quickly placed in a broader pen.  Note:  We dip their beaks in water as we unload them to insure that they are properly hydrated after their trip.  At this point we provide them unlimited access to organic broiler stater feed which is 20% protein.
 Ready For the Field - When the chickens are about three weeks we move them to the field.     Chicken Wagon Broader
 Free Range Chickens First Day In The Field  First Day In The Field - The first day the chickens are moved to the field we make sure that there is plenty of feed and water available.  For shelter we provide tents and make sure that the feed is in the tents also.  This is also the time that we switch the birds to organic broiler feed with a protein of 18%.
 Guardians - Our chickens are raised in a fenced pasture.  We use Llamas inside the pasture with the birds and Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys outside the perimeter.   Free Range Chicken With Guardians
 Six Week Old Free Range Organic Fed Chickens  Organically Fed Free Range Chickens 7 Weeks Old



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