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News From Rivers Critters Ranch

06/15/14 - Major Storm Damage at Rivers Critters

04/13/14 - Palm Sunday at The Congregational Church of Excelsior

04/11/14 - Sheep Shearing

11/09/13 - Re-Launch of Hobby Farm Dreams

10/17/13 - Find us on Google Plus

06/30/12 - Amazon Impacts Rivers Critters Ranch

03/24/2013 - Palm Sunday Tradition is alive!

02/24/13 - Olde English Babydoll Lambs born

6/14/12 & 6/16/12 - Baby Donkeys born! - Jack and Jill

6/3/12- Alpacas and Llamas sheared

5/21/12 - Guardian Donkeys go to work

5/20/12- Peachicks Born at Rivers Critters Ranch

4/24/12 -Olde English Babydoll Sheep Return to The Landing.

4/01/12 - The Palm Sunday Event at the Congregational Church of Excelsior was a great success, see pictures from the 2012 event.

3/17/12 - The adventure continues, we have just added a pair of male Alpaca.

3/6/12 - Look for us at The Congregational Church of Excelsior MN on April 1st as we join the congregation on Palm Sunday.  Pictures from the 2011 event can be found Here.

2/26/12 - Mosa Conference
We attended the MOSA Conference in Wisconsin. 

1/27/12 - New Arrivals
Rivers Critters Ranch is excited to announce over a dozen Olde English Babydoll Sheep born.

7/01/2011 - Baby Peacocks
We are excited to announce that our small flock of peacocks has expanded.

5/27/2011 - Olde English Babydoll Sheep Summer at The Landing
We are proud to announce that a small flock of Olde English Babydoll Sheep will spend the summer at the historic Minnesota Landing.  The Landing is an 88-acre living history museum depicts life in the Lower Minnesota River Valley from the 1840s1890s with authentic 19th-century buildings, demonstrations and a scenic river trail and overlook.

3/10/2011 - Palm Sunday - See Pictures From the Event!
The Congregation Church of Excelsior in Excelsior MN will once again be hosting Rivers Critters Ranch and our animals for Palm Sunday 2011. We will be in Fellowship Hall after the Service. Check in on our friends at www.thecongregationalchurchofexcelsior.org for more information.

Greeter Donkey Waiting 

This is one event that everyone on the farm looks forward to!

Looking for Olde English Babydoll Sheep?  We have a wide selection of sheep for sale.  Fill out the contact form or eMail Sheep@Hobbyfarmdreams.com