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Natural Bug Spray

Natural bug spray recipe:

  1. Start with a 4 ounce spray bottle
  2. Add:
    1. 60 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil/Eucalyptus Citridora Oil (For Mosquitos)
    2. 15 drops of Rose Geranium Oil/Pelargonium (For Ticks)
    3. 15 drops of Lavender Oil (To Protect and Calm the Skin)
    4. 15 drops of Peppermint Oil (Repels Insects and Cools the Skin)
  3. Add One Ounce of Vodka (The Vodka helps the oils mix with the water) - Swirl to mix
  4. Fill bottle with sterile water, Shake well
  5. Apply Often

This recipe comes from http://veriditasbontanicals.com



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