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Finding the products that can help you live in the country and enjoy your hobby farm, can be a challenge.  


 Predator Control - Nite GuardNite Guard Solar Light in Action at Rivers Critters Ranch,

When you live in the country there will be predators and they will cause problems.   In our area we are most concerned about foxes, coyotes, raccoons, skunks and the occasional opossum.  While we have fence our property with field fencing, this doesn't stop most predators.   We have found that the Nite Guard Solar® lights are a very effective way to deter predators from our property.   

Many people laugh when I tell them that these little red solar lites work.   They really work!  The trick that I've found in using them is to make sure that you mount them at the correct height and that you locate them so that they can been seen from a long distance.   A few years ago, we lent sheep to "The Landing" a living historical site.  Their concern was that the sheep might be in danger from the coyotes that ran near the property.  I couldn't convince them to let me leave a guardian donkey or two with them so I brought out four of the Nite Guard Solar lights.  I located them so that the guests wouldn't see them but the predators would.  Guess what?   Not one sheep was bothered by predators and not one of chickens who shared the barn area with the sheep were harmed. 

According to the people at Nite Guard "Nite Guard Solar attacks the deepest most primal fear of night animals – that of being discovered. The simple but effective fact is that a flash of light is sensed as an eye and becomes a threat immediately to the most ferocious night animals." 

Bottom line, if you have a problem with predators, the Nite Guard product is one that you need to try.   Final tip...I never put just one Nite Guard light out.   I always put at least two lights out and ideally try to use four so that I can great a virtual protection square.

Nite Guard Solar Light in use Rivers Critters Ranch