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Sheep And Llamas enjoying organic feed (C) Riverscritters LLC

Some of our animals enjoying organic feed

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We believe that certified organic feed is simply the best feed for your livestock and your family.  The feed we use and sell is "Certified Organic" by MOSA.  What does "Certified Organic" mean? It means that it has been inspected by a third party to verify that it is authentically organic. This means no harmful chemicals (no pesticides, insecticides, fertilizer, etc.) were used and no antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products were used to make the feed.

Organic Feed is GMO Free Rivers Critters Ranch

 Did you know that Organic Feed is GMO Free?

 Fun Fact:  Organic Feed is GMO Free.   The feed we use and sell is part of the Non-GMO Project.  Learn more about GMO Free Feed by visiting the RCR Organic Feedstore.

One brand we use is CFS Specialties (produced by Cashton Farm Supply) feed.  We have been using Cashton Farm Supply organic feed for over 18 years and have had consistent results with our livestock and poultry. Vet bills are down and quality results abound. You won't go wrong with this feed. Visit our feed store at www.organicfeedstore.com to view prices and place your order, we maintain a large stock of CFS Specialties feed and are their number one MN feed dealer.

Vintage FeedsŪ is the Rivers Critters Ranch brand of feed that we also feed our poultry and animals.   

Spring is the time to start your chickens, visit our feed store for more information on raising and growing free range chickens.