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Olde English Babydoll Sheep Summer at The Landing

5/27/2011 - We are proud to annouce that a small flock of our Olde English Babydoll Sheep will spend the summer at the historic Minnesota Landing.  The Landing is an 88-acre living history museum depicts life in the Lower Minnesota River Valley from the 1840s1890s with authentic 19th-century buildings, demonstrations and a scenic river trail and overlook.  The sheep we provided will be a living example of how the early Minnesotans raised sheep for wool and food. 


Olde English Babydoll Sheep at The Landing 
First Day at The Landing


Historic Barn at The Landing 
Historic Barn at The Landing


Looking for Olde English Babydoll Sheep?  We have a wide selection of sheep for sale.  Fill out the contact form or eMail Sheep@Hobbyfarmdreams.com