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Free Range Broiler Chickens 6 Weeks Old, (c) Rivers Critters Ranch, LLC

Six Week Old Free Range Chickens enjoying pasture

Types of Chickens

There are three types of chickens that we raise:Chickens


There are many breeds of laying chickens. They will begin to produce about 20 weeks of age and will continue to lay for three to six years.  Some breeds lay white eggs, others brown eggs and a couple of breeds lay colored eggs. 

Meat Production Breeds

If you are thinking about raising chickens for meat, the Cornish Rock cross is the typical meat production bird.  Raised in a free range enviornment, they are typically ready to butcher in eight weeks.

Dual Purpose Breeds

These birds are a compromise between Layers and Meat Production birds.  They will begin laying at around 20 weeks of age and ready to be butchered at about the same time.    

Infomation on specific breeds that you might find at Rivers Critters Ranch can be found on the Chicken Breeds We Like page.



Updated:  3/30/2018

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